The women of First Assembly are a very active and vital group, All women, single or married, gather for a meal, fellowship, and a time of spiritual encouragement each month on the 2nd Saturday. They meet in the Conference Room (large meeting room off The Foyer of the main building) or at a home of one of the women.  They take on various projects for missions each year, but a regular part of their fellowship includes:

Ladies select a secret sister and remember them in meaningful ways through gifts and messages of encouragement in their walk with Christ.

When the church gets together for our annual Homecoming, Christmas Dinner, or such, one will find our Women at the center of the charge to organize and orchestrate the meal. In addition, as families of the
church come through bereavement in the loss of a loved one, again the Women and their volunteer team work hard to host and serve the family a meal for the funeral.

President for 2019: 
Hope Brady
Callie Tanner